Writing Opportunities With FIT

Writing Opportunities With FIT

Here are some current writing opportunities with FIT. FIT publishes year-round so don’t let the crush of final exams get in the way of expressing your thoughts and opinions. The editor, Shira Vickar-Fox, can turn your ideas into publishable pieces of writing so send an email to freshinkforteens@jewishweek.org — the first step to sharing your words with the world.

Seniors   Let’s celebrate the Class of 2015 by sharing stories about the best and worst times of high school. I’m collecting short vignettes (250-300 words) about an embarrassing, funny, meaningful or joyous time that occurred over the past four years. I need a commitment from several writers to make this idea a reality so email me your topic before June 1.

Movie Reviewer   For this assignment you’ll enjoy sneak peak access to a documentary that will be released this summer. “Rosenwald” is about Julius Rosenwald, a high school dropout who became a philanthropist and aided the African American community during the time of Jim Crow laws. The director, Aviva Kempner, is available for an interview as well. Email if you’re interested in this special assignment.

Graphic Designers Needed    Are you a recreational doodler or are you considering a career in graphic design? FIT is expanding its staff to include graphic designers and photographers. I need students to supply illustrations for our articles and poetry. (Check out Maya Sasson’s beautiful art from Passover.) Join our design team and build your portfolio.

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