Winter Ideas 2015

Warm up your winter by writing for Fresh Ink For Teens. 

Fresh Ink for Teens (FIT) is a platform to showcase the work of Jewish teens. The benefits of FIT include the freedom of writing outside the constraints of school; the joy of seeing your words published in a respected website; and a reading audience of thousands. Plus, who can pass up this reason? It looks great for college.

You can write about anything but you must include something Jewish or Israel-related in your content. For example, if you’re a podcast listener write about Jewish or Israel themed podcasts. If you’re a foodie tell the readers about some kosher food trends or amazing new restaurants. FIT should reflect the interests, passions and ideas of Jewish teens so tell me what’s on your mind. FIT is a project of The Jewish Week, New York City’s largest Jewish newspaper.

Send your pitches to Shira Vickar-Fox, the editor of FIT. I’m here to turn your ideas and inspiration into well-crafted articles. Important: I need to approve your topic before you begin writing. If you’re stumped for ideas here are some suggested topics for the winter:

Purim   The food, the costumes, the tale of Jewish triumph. This holiday has much to cover. You can write about the relevance of the Purim story to today or last-minute costume ideas. Share your mishloach manot themes or tell us about innovative and different Megilat Esther readings.

Go Green    This is a shmita year in Israel. It happens every seven years and means the land cannot be farmed. Care to learn more about this fascinating cycle in Jewish law? How does this occurrence impact teens? Use this timely hook to write about environmentalism.

College   It’s SAT/ACT and almost college decision time. Are you willing to be a pioneer and go to a school building a Jewish presence on campus? What’s important to you in your college search? Do you and your parents share the same priorities?

Shabbos app   A new app has been developed that allows people to use their smart phones on Shabbat. Do you think this is kosher? Do you think the app is vital for teens or does it take away from the spirit of the day?

DIY   Are you handy or crafty? Did you make your own tallit? Have a delicious challah recipe to share? Give the readers tips on how to make an attractive Shabbat table or unique holiday decorations.

People of the Book    What are you reading these days? How do movie versions compare with the books? For example—anyone see “The Giver” and read the book? Is there a Jewish message in “The Fault In Our Stars”?

Everyone’s A Critic    Write a review of a play, movie or TV series with a Jewish theme. I’m looking for reviewers of “Wiesenthal The Play”,  “Above And Beyond”,  and “Beneath The Helmet”—have you seen any of these? Check Netflix for movies from Israel and let the readers know if your choice is a thumbs up or thumbs down.

I Can’t Believe You Did That   Have a funny, real-life story to share? I want a Jewish teen version of Metropolitan Diary from the New York Times. For example, someone walked into the wrong bar mitzvah party and was introduced to members of the celebrant’s family. Or my nephew walked into a synagogue and said too loudly, “it smells like the rabbi.” Share your cute, silly or embarrassing tales.

Foreign Friends    Do you have Jewish friends in India, Scotland or Mexico? Maybe you met someone at camp from Vermont. Tell us about Jews from different communities, near or far.

Are you a political junkie? Have changes in your family? Sworn off facebook forever? Think about styles, trends, phases, gadgets, pet peeves and nuisances. They’re all concepts worthy of FIT.Adidas Yeezy shoes

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