What Is Tzniut?

Tzniut, dressing and behaving modestly, is "a mindset that's all mine." 

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What is tzniut?
Is it the measured inches,
the hemming and the stitches?
Is tzniut the meticulously measured little bits?

The elbows, knees, and ankles?
Are covered with precision?
The collarbones are covered?
When is it my decision?

What is tzniut?
Is it the color clothing,
the schlepping and the loathing?
Is tzniut the real form of how I want to look?

Is tzniut really all this?
Is tzniut really such?
Is tzniut looked down upon?
Is tzniut hated so much?

What is tzniut?
The actions that I take,
the conversation that I make?
The people that I touch and affiliate myself with?

Tzniut is a mindset
A mindset that’s all mine
Tzniut is a style
That’s all my own design

What is tzniut?
The beauty in my dress!
A way that I impress!
It’s how I show my pride for being a Jewish girl!

I appreciate the skirt length
I enjoy the socks and sleeves
The stockings are my idea
I slip them on with ease

What is tzniut?
The wholesome self-respect!
The way I can perfect!
It’s how I love the way I look and how I’m supposed to be!

The beauty is everywhere
Just go ahead and see
And maybe you will notice
What tzniut means to meAir Jordan 11 For Sale

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