We Will Do, We Will Listen

A collection of poetry in celebration of Shavuot and the rapture of receiving the Torah. 

“Moses on Mount Sinai” by Jean-Leon Gerome, painting completed in 1900. Wikiart

By Meira Edelman

We stand —
Hand in hand,
Looking up at the mountain,
Waiting —
For the moment we will be chosen,
The Chosen Ones —
The sun, a beaming ball of light
The sky, a blue never thought possible
Flowers are starting to bloom —
It is spring,
He comes down —
His face not seen,
Hidden by the blinding light surrounding Him,
He has two tablets of stone,
In His hands —
Smiles start forming on all of our faces,
It is here —
We accept it with open arms,
Together —
Hand in hand

By Toby Gross

I stand there
Looking up at the mountain
And as I do so
I feel myself falling
Falling into a great escape
Thoughts of hate
No longer cloud my vision
All I feel is peace
And love for my creator
Who made this beautiful place
I call home

My heart
It starts beating faster
Leaving me out of breath
From such a beautiful scene
That You my God
Are giving us
To take in and receive now
Together as one

And as thunder breaks through the air
I glance around at my surroundings
But instead of seeing the normality of terror
In the eyes of my companions
I see a look of awe
A look of knowing
That life is not yet over
It has really just begun

Shavout: A New Type of Beauty
By Rachel Miller 

The flower blooms
A rose among thorns
All alone,
Yet still with the will to live

The child’s born
Autistic among “regulars”
All alone,
Yet still with the will to grow

The flower encounters hardship
His thorns try to crush him
Try to remove his beauty from the world

The child encounters hardship
Her family tries to squash her
Try to remove her uniqueness from the world

Yet they celebrate this Shavous together
The flower in a vase
The child in a chair
Ready to accept Hashem once again

We Will Do, We Will Listen
By Malka Ostreicher

We sit together
Around the table
As we once stood
Around a mountain

The flowers
Arranged stunningly
The blossoming mountain

We wait
For our food to arrive
Like we once waited
For our holy Torah

The cakes
A scrumptious treat
Is meant for the anniversary
The birth of our people

The men
Singing their melodies
Just like we once chanted
We will do and we will listen

Painting by Marc Chagall of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. 

Meeting With God
By Tova Rosen

Today the anniversary of our meeting with God
We have the ability to tap into the energy that made this moment possible
Standing completely perplexed and awed by this day
When God revealed himself to us
His nation
Where we stood with our hands and hearts united
Lifted and filled with the words of our Father
We became one
We became His
As our eyes and souls were opened to a new life
a new home
Today we grasp each other’s hands to commemorate our unity and harmony
Like our ancestors
clenching palms under bare darkness
Accepting the Torah as lightening stuck and thunder cracked
We became a nation
We became one
So today
The day we prepared for all year
Curling up into question marks asking how can I improve
As we count down to our meeting with our Father
Holding hands and hearts and eyes opened we’re welcomed to our new family
our new home
Today God gave us a gift
A guide on how to live our lives
How to treat ourselves
and others
leading us to the ultimate redemption
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