Topic Ideas


What lessons have you learned since the beginning of the pandemic? What do you want to take away from your experience? As the world opens up, how are you challenged? What are you looking forward to? How do you think of Jewish community differently now?

Jewish Holidays

How are you approaching a holiday differently this year? What about this holiday gives you joy? What gives you pause? Which lessons give you comfort and which lessons do you wish others would embrace differently? What does this holiday remind you of? How does your family-- or different parts of your family-- celebrate this holiday?


How is what is happening politically, in the U.S. or in Israel, affecting you personally? What conversations are your peers having? What conversations do you wish your peers were having? What resources are you grateful for and why? Are your politics a reflection of your Jewish values? How so? In what ways do you have tension with those around you? How do you maintain relationships with those who you disagree with?

Role Models

What family members, Jewish educators, celebrities, athletes, writers, influencers, politicians or peers are inspiring you? Why? What current event or struggle are they helping you think through? How have they helped you think differently? In what ways do you find them inspiring? You might know this person personally or not at all.

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