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This Month's Topic Ideas


Did you attend the anti-Semitism march in NYC this weekend? If so, write about your experience. how did it feel to come together with 25,000 other people and stand up to hate? Beyond the march, discuss how these anti-Semitic incidents are affecting the Jewish community. 


It is officially a presidential election year! Although most high school students are not yet eligible to vote, write about how you can get involved as a Jewish teen. If you do support a candidate, how does your Judaism and connection to Israel relate to the candidate?

Jewish Summer Programs

Have you done a Jewish summer program that is worth sharing? As people start to think about summer plans, perhaps write a review of the program! 


There is a new HBO documentary on Mel Brooks, which "look[s] back at the legendary career of award-winning actor, writer, producer, and director." Write a review of the film. What about Mel Brooks makes him a Jewish icon?

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