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This Month's Topic Ideas


Given the recent debate surrounding immigration in the United States, there have been comparisons between the border separations and the Holocaust. What do you think of this? Is it an accurate comparison? Separately, Jewish Groups have taken action against the Zero Tolerance policy, do you think it is our moral obligation to get involved?

School Meals

Come September, New York City will be rolling out a trial to offer both kosher and halal meals to students. While the plan will only be implemented in a few schools at first, it means getting students with dietary restrictions access to school lunches. This will cost the city more money - is it the government's responsibility? What are the lunch options in your school?

Israel Denies Entry

Do you think this is an extreme measure for Israel to take? Or is it justified to ban BDS activists from entering the country?


Have you been watching the World Cup? What are your thoughts?

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