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This Month's Topic Ideas

Government Shutdown

What do you think about the shutdown? How do you feel it has been handled on both sides of the aisle? What are your views on President Trump comparing the wall along the Mexican border to Israel's wall? 

President's Day

In honor of Presidents' Day on Feb. 18th, write an article about President George Washington's letter to Touro Synagogue. Or, write about the relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish community.

Liberalism & Zionism

Leading Democrats have launched a pro-Israel group to counter Israel disenchantment on left. What is your opinion on this? Is this important for the Democratic party? Can one be a liberal Zionist? Is this important for millennials? 

2019 Academy Awards

Write a piece about the Jewish Oscar nominees. How does this year's line-up compare to the past? Who got snubbed? Any surprises? 

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