“To Sleep, Perchance to Dream” (“Hamlet” 3.1.66)

Reflections of a high school graduate. 

Liquid fire pours out of my eyes
As I watch you say good-bye

The stream crosses valleys and hills
Leaving black destruction in its wake
Covering my face

My vision goes blind
Won’t I see you one last time?
But this is the end —
That I know

An era has passed
God, please, make it last
Make the lessons I learned stay with me

May the memories, the love, the pain and the gain
Remain to keep my soul company

And when I move on
When my heart beats again
Let the recollections give me the strength that I need

Perchance I will dream
In my slumber, stay with me
Hold my hand one last time
And kiss me good-byenike free run 5.0 green

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