To Be Released On Nov. 8

Now screening: “The Election Of 2016” 

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In addition to our daily lives,
we will be faced with watching the most realistic horror movie,
and only
“We The People, Of The United States”
will be able to write the script in real time.
The movie is called
“The Election Of 2016.”
It will be released on Nov. 8.

What will feel like the ending of this movie,
will not be the real end.
B’ezrat Hashem, it will continue being written forever.

The script is nearly done.
So far we know,

one suspect is being investigated for putting the people she was leading in danger,
one suspect has bragged about everything he has done legally and morally wrong,
and the other suspects… eh, they are just unlikely people of interest.

The role that “We The People, Of The United States” has is that by voting,
they can choose the final person of interest.

The voting lasts all day
on Nov. 8.
Children will be spending their day playing outside as usual.
Students will have their own lives at school as usual.
Adults will go to work as usual.

Everyone will be spending the day, weighing the options.
Which person of interest will benefit them the most?
Which person of interest will agree with them the most?
Which person of interest will best aid their family
And the rest of the Children of Israel,
their house,
their home
and Israel
their people,
their gender,
their community
and the greater Jewish community.

“We The People, Of The United States” will come home after they vote, and watch the live results.

The script has been written.

And the person of interest is…
to be released on Nov. 8.Adidas

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