The Last Standing Wall

I have felt the many tears that my children have wept. 

It’s been beaten and bruised, but the last standing wall remains steadfast. Photo courtesy of Eva Schottenstein.  

I am the last standing wall
For generations I’ve been alone
But finally now with centuries past
My children are finally home

I am the last standing wall
Made of large limestone brick
But for my prized Jewish people
I’m the last burning wick

Behind me used to stand
A palace of gold and stone
A castle for a King
Who needed no throne

But now I have burned
And been beaten and bruised
That blue and gold building
Forbidden to Jews

I’m the last standing wall
I am all that is left
I have felt the many tears
That my children have wept

But one day will come
That will stop all the crying
For this we all wait for,
And plead for, and davennike fashion

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