The Judgement Bowl

A poem about praying from the sidelines.   

Why is Super Bowl such a big deal?
How come we don’t gather for the NBA Finals,
and have a big meal?
Is it because football’s our national pastime
Where we sit and watch the commercials
for Pepsi Lime?

To give you an analogy that we can understand
What is the one day where we all gather
and we sit and stand?
Because the Super Bowl is like Yom Kippur in many ways
One day where we all gather
even if we came from far away
It’s today. One day.
Not tomorrow and not yesterday
Even if you don’t know what’s going on
You still come to shul and put the kipa on.

You may not know who is fighting in this battle
Or can’t differentiate between Denver and Seattle.
But regardless you attend the ritual.
Peyton Manning had a ridiculous year
setting records in all the categories
and believe me, he didn’t do it for the glory.

Likewise the Seahawks had a phenomenal season
Fans so loyal, if you’re not wearing green it’s considered treason.
The 12th man is really part of the team
Screaming so loud the stadium actually leans!
Now these fans are loyal
Showing up every year
And just like us Jews
We never show fear.

So when the Super Bowl rolls around better enjoy it while it lasts
Because remember, it’s just one day
Just like our big fast
And just like that big day
We’ll get on our knees and pray
Win or lose we will all go home
and have the year to reflect on ours
Or Richard Sherman’s tone
So when the final whistle is blown
Or the service ends when it can
Just remember to thank God
That you are not a Jets fan.AIR MAX PLUS

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