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Studying For Midterms

Don’t get stressed, make a plan.

Midterms are fast approaching as the middle of the year draws closer and closer. This halfway mark comes with the stress and annoyance of having to study for the various assessments. But look on the bright side, there are so many ways to destress yourself! Here are a few suggestions:

The first tip to destressing is to make a schedule. Things always look better when you map them out and make a plan. You can make a schedule by using a planner, or an app that will allow you to write down a “to do” list. A pencil and a sheet of paper will also do just fine!

How to make a study schedule for midterms:

Step 1: Look at a calendar and locate your test dates. This should be done about 10-12 days before the test. 

Step 2: Look at the closets test. See what subtopics you need to study for that subject. For example, if you are taking Algebra II you would see that you would need to study functions, systems of equations, graphing, etc.…

Step 3: This is one of the hardest steps. Divide up those subtopics evenly by the amount of days that you have to study. Save one day at the end for complete review. 

For example: If you have 11 days to study and 20 subtopics, you would study 2 per day and save the last day to the end to go over the entire subject. 

Step 4: Study! Now that you have a plan the best thing to do is follow it! Study however you study best, by reading your notes, rewriting your notes, typing your notes, whatever works for you!

The second tip for going into your midterm relaxed is to tell yourself it’s only a test. This is fundamental. If you want to stay calm and not panic, telling yourself that you have nothing to worry about, because it’s just like all the other tests that you’ve taken is a great thing to do!

The third thing to remember when studying for midterms is to take one day at a time. Don’t try and cram all the material, it makes you more stressed. Rather, take one day at a time and study each subtopic according to your handy schedule (see above).

Lastly, it is important to take a break every once in a while. Using time such as Shabbat to destress and reset can prove to be extremely beneficial when studying so much information.

Overall, don’t stress about midterms. They are going to happen whether you are ready or not, so the best thing to do is be ready! Good luck everyone!

Hannah Munk is a sophomore at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, N.J.

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