Spring Means

A fresh poem for the new season. 

Spring means — new beginnings
Spring means — no more fear
Spring means — liberation
Spring means — seeing clear

God means — Loving Being
God means — awe and fear
God means — a new Master
God means — seeing clear

Exodus means — total freedom
Exodus means — lack of fear
Exodus means — matzah and traveling
Exodus means — seeing clear

Torah means — rules and restrictions
Torah means — an unknown fear
Torah means — loving micromanagement
Torah means — seeing clear

Sinai means — gorgeous flowers
Sinai means — a God to fear
Sinai means — death at a Voice
Sinai means — seeing clear

Spring means — warmer weather
Spring means — absence of fear
Spring means — new love of God
Spring means — Moshiach’s nearAir Jordan

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