Song Of Life

Memories from childhood formed the teenager I am today. 

High school passes in the blink of an eye. Lauren Ishay, at left, with friends Renne Hadef, Hannah Elmekies and Fatima Blanco. Courtesy of Lauren Ishay   

Childhood came, only to so quickly disappear
Time rolled unremittingly on, with each passing year
But my time of youth, always remembered oh so well
And in the remembering there is a story to tell

My days of being young were mostly happy and carefree
Blissfully ignorant of life, were my friends and me
From chasing butterflies and picking flowers at 3 years old
To a trip to the doctor discovering my first cold

The age of 4 came crawling around the corner
When I haughtily advertised that I was a performer
Of course it was not all laughter, at times there was a tear
Specifically when I reached 5 and saw that Papa was under hospital care

Then 6 years old reached its peak
Where I skied from summit to base in Beaver Creek
Two thousand and eight held the first summer away from home
From sleep-away camp in upstate New York to three weeks in Santorini and Rome

Middle school approached, the time I couldn’t look fatter
And suddenly the lives of 1D and JB seemed to matter
A celebration by the Western Wall, a vacation I’ll always remember
Skydiving at 11 an experience forever treasured

When I turned 13 and uncovered the inevitability of growing up
I learned the importance of responsibility when my parents provided me with a pup
Twenty twelve approached when Hurricane Sandy evolved into a national tragedy
An experience that scarred my memory and left my family in complete agony

Eventually the realities of life crept up beside me
When I began my high school career in homeroom 203
The rigorous classes in high school passed by
And suddenly summer arrived in a blink of an eye

Experiencing the life as a college student in Krinsky
And touring the world with tenth graders beside me
Had shaped my life into who I am today
As the song of life will continue to sing awayAir Max Flair KPU

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