Art by Alexa Druyanoff

Rosh HaShanah Awakenings

A Rosh HaShanah poem.

The blow of the shofar forces a smile upon my ears and lips
And my eyes sparkle with pride and joy
Standing among crowds of people like me
That believe what I believe
and love what I love most
I am engulfed with feelings of blessings and honor
For I have been given the opportunity to start out new
This new year creeps upon my skin
And chills develop as I take in this overwhelming sweetness
Honey seeps into my heart as sweet chimes sing throughout my whole body
Blissful challah curls into its round shape
And the head of the year begins to talk to us all

We all try to stand as tall as the apples dipped in honey
We are tough on the outside
Soft on the inside
And sweet all around
But, only you can decide the amount of honey that pours over your surface
And is expressed to those that stand there with thick smiles pasted on their chins

Grateful songs and grateful prayers are chanted through my body
And I reflect on each and every blessing that God has given me
We, the Jews, year after year can be given a second chance
No one is as lucky as us

Arielle Goldman is a sophomore at Byram Hills High School in Armonk, N.Y.

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