Destruction Of The Holocaust

God, where are You? Are You there?

Courtesy of Dana Halpern.

Are we dreaming
Or is this our new reality
Life — I know it is not
This state of being is worse than death could ever be
Be strong
Be quiet, stand in line
Don’t breath, don’t speak, don’t look up
Could quit right now
I could be done with this half a life I’m leading
Leave the skeletons I call family behind
Death, take me away
I wish it could all fade to white with the blankness of peace
But black is all that I see
Everything turns red
Red, yellow, blue and orange take over
Fire! Fire!
The stench of burnt bodies lingers in the air
A silent reminder of the potential-filled lives
That were slaughtered before their time
God? Where are You? Are You there?
Human lives
Humans-reduced to ravaging animals
Lives fed a minuscule amount only to be kept alive
Ignite my search for hope, please someone,
Show me what it is to think past the next meal again
Only three months ago I was warm in my home
My house will nevermore be a home with my loved ones gone
Just run without thinking
Left, right, left, right
He fell behind
But the suffering could be over if I just stop
Don’t stop
Keep running
Run for the others who fell before you
Run to tell their tale and carry the weight of their deaths
New camp, worse life
Let yourself sleep
The run is over, you can rest in the snow
The sweet, soft snow
If you sleep now, you’ll never wake
Sweet, soft death
Murders! Mass murders! They steal your life, your hope, your desire
They take without asking and they hand out heartache in return
Names stolen
Numbers take their place
Our mothers, brothers, son and daughters
We watch them shrivel, crumble, lose weight
To the degree of being unrecognizable
Do I look the same?
Places like these should never exist
Barbed wire locks us and our demons in
Five to a bunk at night
Only four rise the next morning
Quit now because there is no use
There is no food and no warmth
No point of going on
Ripped from the embrace of our parents
Ripped from clothing that we called our own
Left to beatings and torture and abuse alike
Standers-by are just that, they hide their faces from the injustice that is ruling this world
Standers-by are just that, they let us weep, they block their ears
Standers-by are just that, they shut their eyes, they turn their heads and let us die
Tongues are dry, this nation cries
Too weak not to die
Mothers leave children
To their demise
Universal code of justice has been shot in its own face
Hitler has danced on its grave
Justice is irrational
But hate is
Vengeance for no reason at all
Just for the act of being Jewish, in DNA and practice
Hunted down like a disease, quarantined
Kept away from those who have the right to live on
Watch this tragedy take its place
Deny it in your ignorance
Lie to yourself
Be too afraid to admit to your own disgrace
X this out from your memory
We will remember, we will tell, we will not sit silent
Yes, we will continue to fight
We will rise again and again
Zionists stand tall
But will the future revert?
Israel will not be torn apart
She will no longer have a bleeding heartKids Vans Sk8 Hi Zip Toddler Lavendar White Uk Size 9 Infant

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