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A Little Love

Just a little love brings people a long way.

When you lose what you thought was the world 

Your eyes are opened up to a galaxy 

A faraway place you never realized

And so many people there by your side

You realize how many people you ignored because you just didn’t like who they were

But little did you know they just needed a little love and support and maybe they’s be just fine for you to support

We’re so wrapped up in surrounding ourselves with the perfect people 

But we come to realize they don’t exist 

And maybe if we didn’t ignore 

Didn’t hold grudges to the bone              

We could spread love around the world and people wouldn’t feel so alone 

I never knew the real feeling of feeling alone until I did 

Until my world crumbled but really reshaped

Until my faith in a power-up above became stronger through struggle

Until I realized I was in a bubble

Until I finally told myself no more being sad it’s a waste of time 

It’ll come true if I say it- really I’m fine

Those people we say aren’t for me- don’t have the right personality 

Maybe if we just heard them out 

Let them have their own little speech

Their own cry to the heavens when they start to fall

Their own plead for themselves

They aren’t so bad after all

Because they hurt too and that’s a gd given right 

See I believe everyone is inherently good 

What’s bad is when we don’t give people a chance 

And they stay the person that could 

I didn’t give people a chance until I lost all my chances 

Then suddenly the world seemed new 

Shiny and bright and open to possibilities 

But it’s scary and blue

Going out of comfort and being forced to talk to people you didn’t before 

Because to you they just seemed like a bore

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